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Mouse Control

The necessity of mouse control at home and at work

Mouse control starts with prevention. To prevent mice from entering the home, all cracks, holes and fissures that are larger than the tip of a pen should be closed. It should be done with a strong material, such as cement or some special component. It is not recommended to use wood, as mice do not have any difficulty chewing through it.

Cleanliness is very important in preventing the spread of pests. Be sure to wash dishes immediately after use. Food should be stored in glass or metal containers and tightly closed with lids. Mice get most of the food they find in their water, so any food crumbs should be removed from tables and floors.

If there is already a mouse problem at home, the protection methods will no longer work.

Mice repellants can also be used to prevent and destroy rodents. Both natural and chemical-based repellants are available in stores. Eucalyptus and other plants can also be used to repel rodents. However, they have very little effectiveness in getting rid of all of them. Mice control requires patience and time.

Voice-based repellants are capable of making a very high-frequency sound that the human ear cannot hear or perceive. These voices are unpleasant for rodents and should keep rodents away. Unfortunately, the truth is that voice-based repellants are not very effective.

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Ask for help getting rid of mice

In case of mice problems, you should definitely call a pest control specialist. Unfortunately, repelling rodents in home conditions usually does not bring success. And even if it does, it is very minimal and it is possible that the colonies will still nest. There is often a need for professional experts. They monitor the movement of rodents and make corrections, and give advice on how to keep pests away.

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