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Will your company give pests
what they want?

They may be tiny, but their damage is huge!

Just one pest can have the ability to do great damage to your business, and larger colonies of pests can cripple your business completely. Since most pests are able to reproduce very quickly, it is very important to prevent their entry.

Entry points : Pests can enter your business in many different ways, including through doors, windows, ventilation, plumbing, gaps and cracks in walls, merchandise, etc.

Water Locations : Pests need water on a daily basis, which means that faucets, toilets, faulty plumbing, condensation from vents, and other possible water-related locations are ideal breeding locations for pests.

Food places : Even minimal sanitation problems can create food for pests. Cockroaches especially eat almost everything – from hair to glue, they can also survive only on dust.

Habitats : Rodents and cockroaches look for places to live that are tiny and dark. Tiny cracks in your building can provide the perfect habitat for pests.

Customer/Employee Spaces : Spaces such as the break room are very critical places. Protecting your customers and employees is very important to the success of your business.

The pests can eat your profits in a number of different ways:

Did You Know that your current pest control program could be doing you more harm than good, increasing costs on a daily basis? If you continue to notice pests in your buildings, the representative of the control program offered to you may be using the wrong tools or too many tools. It is even possible that the control is carried out in the wrong places.

  • Building damage
  • Negative customer experiences
  • Tampering with raw materials and goods
  • Spread of infectious diseases
  • Violation of health and safety rules
  • Food poisoning
  • Declining work morale of subordinates

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